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Is Inspiration Pulling You to Your Goal?

I had today’s newsletter all done in my head and I just had to put it on “paper” and send it out. Then I read something by one of my fellow Team Beachbody Coaches, Julie Ann Price, and I knew that I had to share it with you today.

As some of you may know, I am trying to train for a Team World Vision half marathon in Dallas in December. It wasn’t too long ago that 13 miles was my long run and just part of a normal training week. But since early June I have been hammered by one thing after another health wise and this morning it was something new and unprecedented – my left knee hurt so badly that I had to walk home. That is a first time ever!

Today’s newsletter would have been about “switching gears” and finding alternatives to training when you are sick or injured, but I will save that for another day. More important to whether you keep moving forward toward your goal when you face challenges is your mental attitude and that is why I am switching topics.

My question for you today is, are you motivated to achieve your goals or are you inspired? Because I am training to support Team World Vision and to help underprivileged children, I am inspired to find a way to keep training and will now have to ride my bike for awhile. I have to find a way to achieve my goal. Let’s see what Julie Ann has to say about motivation and inspiration:

“People who are driven by motivation push themselves to get into action. Unfortunately when you push something up a hill you get tired. Doing something you don’t want to do, like working out, can be one of the most difficult things you have to do and it can be downright hard. After a while, that rock is going to roll back and you just won’t have the energy to push it again. Well that is motivation in a metaphor.”

“In contrast, inspiration is about being pulled toward your goal. When you have a burning desire to reach your goal or goals because of your “why”, then you are acting on inspiration.

Inspiration pulls you and you can be pulled all day long every day and it never feels like work (at least most days it doesn’t). To find that inspiration, uncover your real “why.” Figure out what really makes you get out of bed and find that reason or a purpose that makes you have a burning need to achieve your goals.”

Whether it is health, family, friends, a new life or supporting cause like my inspiration, find the real “why” and be inspired. That inspiration will pull you toward your goal day in and day out until you achieve it.


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