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Make Your Goals Magnificent

The most common hindrance to setting and achieving meaningful goals is our tendency to make them too small and uninspiring. If we become too careful, realistic and rational, we run the risk of setting goals that have no power to stimulate our enthusiasm and excitement. A mediocre goal will not make you excited about getting out of bed in the morning. A mediocre goal will not activate your most capable and life-changing energy. A mediocre goal will become so quickly boring that you will have a tendency to forget you even made it.

A simple but effective formula for positive change and successful goal achievement is as follows: Mediocre goals attract mediocre support and magnificent goals attract magnificent support. You owe it to yourself to create magnificent goals. I can’t say it any clearer than that.

If, however, you set a goal that is well beyond the usual vision of yourself, you will create an ally that will energize and inspire you to reach unimagined heights. It will also generate a kind of magnetic attraction and pull in support from people, who will contribute to your success.   Continued…

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