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Beachbody Coach’s Summit 2008

On Friday, March 7th, more than 300 Beachbody Coaches descended upon Anaheim, CA, for the first annual Coach Summit. Celebrity fitness trainers energized the crowd, Top Coaches shared the spotlight, the MDB executive team shared plans and business strategies, a new contest was announced, and most excitingly, the $250,000 winners of the Million Dollar Body Gameâ„¢ Grand Prize giveaway were crowned. Now that she has had time to reflect on the event, Beachbody Coach Wendy has decided to tell us about her experience.

Rich: What was your first day like at the Summit?

Wendy: We arrived on Thursday morning so that we could attend the afternoon activities with the other coaches. We did the meet and greet and check in and then listened to presentations by a number of the other coaches.

Rich: What did you do after the coach’s presentations?

Wendy: We had a choice of doing a workout with Shaun T, Chalene Johnson or Tony Horton. We worked out with Tony!

Rich: That must have been a thrill. What did you do next?

Wendy: Yes, it was a once in a lifetime experience! Afterwards, we showered and then socialized and had refreshments while the Diamond Coaches had a reception.

Rich: Who did you meet at the Summit?

Wendy: Well, obviously, we got to meet Tony Horton and we also met Carl Daikeler, the CEO of BeachBody and Shaun T and an endless number of people who work for BeachBody and so many great coaches.

Rich: How would you rate your experience?

Wendy: My experience was priceless! I knew it would be phenomenal and I knew we were going from the day it was announced and I am so glad we did. You just can’t put a price on a time to be with others joined for the same purpose of helping other people achieve their health and fitness goals. I haven’t ever felt so united! It’s two weeks today we left and I’m still on a buzz from Coach Summit!

Rich: Has your view of the company changed from your experience?

Wendy: YES! I’ve gained an even more deeper understanding of Carl and BeachBody’s mission. For me I saw the infomercial for Power 90 and Slim In 6 and started for personal health reasons. Then shortly thereafter came the coaching opportunity which was a great fit for a part time job for me. And even in the beginning I understood our purpose was to be a product of the product and share with others BUT it wasn’t until sitting in that room on Friday at the Summit listening in person to Carl and the vision and learning about the American Diabetes Association endorsing BeachBody and seeing the visual aides on how HUGE a problem obesity and diabetes is for our society that this is no longer about me! I am a part of a solution to a HUGE epidemic and that is POWERFUL! So now my journey is peanuts compared to my journey of sharing with others, I can no longer keep quiet!

So again, YES my view of BeachBody has changed in that I respect and love BeachBody now more than ever and I can’t wait to see the lives ‘we’ as a whole are going to change!

Rich: Thank you Wendy for your firsthand report from the BeachBody Coach’s Summit 2008.

If you would like to learn more about Wendy and be part of her team, please click here.

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