Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

“I am interested in more information”

Sometimes questions and answers just have to be shared with everyone because they are such good questions that so many people have.   One of my new members just asked, “I   am interested in more information, but I’m not ready to commit.   Specifically, what are the start-up costs?   Also, I don’t know that I   am ready to be a coach, since this is my first time using P90X.   What will the initial cost be after the promotion is over?   Thank you for your help!”

Here is the answer that I just sent:

“There are no start up costs until after January 7th.   That is when the sign up fee returns to the $39.95 that it has always been.   You pay $14.95 for the Coach’s Club membership versus $12.86 a month for the Team Beachbody Club membership.   With the Coach’s Club membership, you get a 25% discount on products and just by sharing (and   I emphasize sharing, not selling) the results you are getting with P90X, for example, and someone following your lead and purchasing it, you can completely offset the $14.95 monthly fee.   That fee, by the way, goes toward hosting your 3 websites that you can use to tell people about your results and give them an opportunity to see all of the products and resources that Team Beachbody has for success, both physically and financially.   Except when you purchase something for personal use (which you would anyway so it is just transferring an expense from one store (health food, SuperSports or whatever) to your own store and saving 25%) there is no other cost than just the $14.95 a month or $27.81 a month if you decide to get the Club membership, too.”


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