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More Brazil Butt Lift Results!!!

Okay, I was a little afraid to take my measurements this morning. I wasn’t on my best behavior with eating last week and over the weekend with Christmas.   I made cookies, and of course you can’t make them without having one, two or a few. Then I made ravioli, had Chinese food, had a big Christmas breakfast, the list goes on.

One thing I made sure of though, was not missing a Brazil Butt Lift workout.   If I know I’m going to be eating worse than usual, I make sure I stick to my workout schedule.   Some people get so upset if they go overboard that they just throw in the towel and give up.   You can’t do that!! You need to get over it and move forward.  

So here are my results with Brazil Butt Lift, so far:

Here were my measurements on Day 1/Week 1:

Waist 28.5″
Hips 36″
Thigh 20.5″

Here are my measurements on Day 6/Ending week1
Waist 27.5″
Hips 35.5″
Thigh 20″

And here are my results from today beginning Week3

Waist 27″ (down another .5″)
Hips 35″ (down another .5″)
Thigh 20″ (unchanged)

I’m pretty impressed with the results so far!   Even after all of the cookies and extra snacks, I still managed to make progress:)

I’m a Team Beachbody Coach and former fitness/Pilates instructor.   But this doesn’t make working out any easier for me. I know how hard it can be to find time to exercise or eat right,or just get started.   If you need someone in your corner to help cheer you on, let me help you by clicking here for free coaching and support.

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