Keeping My Body Fit and Healthy with BODi

“I lost 100 pounds and it didn’t cost me a dime!”

Would you like to be able to say that?   You can.


No gimmicks, no pills, no gym membership, no surgery – just an effective exercise program and good nutrition.

“Okay, this is stupid already.   I have to buy a workout program and they cost money.”

That’s true, but when you become an ambassador for Team Beachbody and show your circle of friends how you are losing weight and feeling so great, they will want to follow your lead.

“You mean that I have to sell products?   No way.”

When you are a walking billboard for positive lifestyle choices, losing a substantial amount of weight and looking and feeling great, you don’t have to sell anything – people come to you wanting to do what you are doing.   If you have seen, “When Harry Met Sally“, you will remember the scene in the restaurant where the woman says, “I’ll have what she’s having!”   Ironically, there is a book by Bobby Houston by the same title, “I’ll Have What She’s Having” and there is a quote from the book that says it all.   “Could it be the ultimate compliment?   Could it be the most rewarding compliment a person could receive?   That someone else would observe your lifestyle, atitude, sense of purpose, resolve, conviction and the desire the same in (his or) her own life?”

As you set a positive example, others will just naturally follow you and do what you are doing.   In this case, it is losing a substantial amount of weight by using Team Beachbody products to work out regularly and effectively and nourishing your body with products like Shakeology.

There is no other company, literally, that will pay you as you lose weight and get fit and that will give you the opportunity to say, “I lost 100 pounds and it didn’t cost me a dime!”.

To get started today, sign up now as a Team Beachbody coach and mentor so that you can start on your success journey and having followers who will do the same.   Yes, I want to get started today!

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