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Julie Ann Price

Julie Ann PriceJulie Ann Price

I have been called a serial entrepreneur. The first time I heard that I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing but I have since decided it fits me perfectly.

I love to take an idea and research all I can about it. Then I turn what I have learned into a business. That is how I grew my skincare business, BeautyWithACause into a successful non-toxic one-stop shopping resource for women.

I found Team Beachbody when I started looking for a fitness option for my skincare customers.   My customers wanted my skin products to “fix” their skin but really only diet and exercise can do that.

I was thrilled when I found a company that had a solid line of products both for fitness and nutrition.   What I really liked was the coaching aspect which was a natural fit for me as I am a trained health coach.

For me Team Beachbody gives me the opportunity not only to help my existing customers but to also share all that I have learned about network marketing, internet techniques, and health coaching.

My biggest problem is that I have so much I want to share that I have a tough time sticking with one direction.   I want to explode into so many different aspects of the business!

In addition to my multiple businesses, I have an amazing job as a mom and spouse.   Working with my family has perfected my skills of juggling multiple calendars, multitasking in between sporting events, cooking 5 minute meals, and packing my car for every possibility.

I have learned hard lessons about making time for myself, planning time just for my husband and balancing my work and fun time.   I still have work to do but my family is more than happy to give me opportunities to hone my skills.

I wouldn’t trade my life for any other.   I love the freedom I have to create and teach.   I love the flexibility to be with my family and to take time outs when I need them.   I hope that today is the day I get to help you create the life you wouldn’t trade as well.

Please comment or email me with anything you would like more information about.   I am here to help you.

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