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Three Tips For People Who Fear Selling

People who fear sellingAre you uncomfortable with selling?
Well, then you would be just like the majority of people on this planet.   Sorry if you thought you were alone in this.

Most people shy away from direct sales businesses because they are uncomfortable with the selling process.

So what can you do if you want to grow your own business, but you can’t sell due to fear?

Here are some tips for you:

1.   Don’t Sell!   It’s that simple.   Have conversations.   Ask questions.   Lot’s of questions.   Let whomever you are with do most of the talking.   Discover if they are having any problems in the areas of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Chances are that they are having a problem in one of those areas.   Get to know what is bothering them and what they are hoping to do about it.   If the conversation can naturally turn to what you are doing to solve a similar problem with your Beachbody business – then great talk about it.

If not, keep the person’s complaint in mind and if you come across a solution or helpful tip in the next few days, share it with them.   Keep in touch and see if there problem gets better.

Just establish a rapport and over time you may be able to have a conversation about Beachbody that fits what they need.

2.   Look for people who are looking for you.   This is the world of interconnectedness.   Get on LinkedIN, Twitter or Facebook and have virtual conversations.   Offer advice and tips when you come across someone who needs a bit of help.   Again, don’t sell!

Just establish a connection and make sure you have a link to your Beachbody blog in your signature line.   If they want to know more about you, they will come to you.

Make sure your home page or wherever your signature link leads to, that you have something compelling or worth reading.

3.   Give away free help.   A great way to build up to selling is give away some useful information.   What do you know a lot about that would help people get healthier?   Write great articles or shoot “how to” videos and offer them for free on your blog.

If you have an autoresponder, (which you NEED to be in business) have your blog visitors put in their email address to get your free content.

Once you have their email, you can keep sending them great content and everyone once in a while send them a sales offer.   If Beachbody has a challenge, this is a great thing to share with your list.   The general rule is 80% good free content and 20% sales pitches.

Can you do these three things without fear?

Yes, these will not lead to a quick sale – but if you joined or are considering joining Beachbody for quick money – then this isn’t the opportunity for you.   Beachbody is a slow but steady business.   You build are building relationships – not selling.

As always, if you have a question, please email me at or contact me on LinkedIN.

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