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7 Steps To Getting to Know The “Right” People

Beachbody Social CirclesWhat If I Don’t Know People Interested In Starting Their Own Business?

7 Steps to Expanding Your Circle to Include the “Right” People

A common problem new coaches and people considering joining Beachbody as a coach, is that there are few people in their immediate circle who are interested in starting a Beachbody business.

So how can you expand your circle to include people who would make a great Beachbody coach?

New Friend Circles

The key to finding the right people is to go where the “right” people hang-out.   There are two main groups of people that immediately come to mind – entrepreneurs and people who have a passion for fitness.


Entrepreneurs have an interest and a passion to grow a business.   When it comes to Beachbody however, you can solely look for entrepreneurs.   Beachbody is not an MLM as Carl Daikeler would be quick to point out.   Beachbody is a fitness movement powered by individuals.

It is about the mission and not about the products.   Providing the best products is the tool to achieve the mission in the most effective manner.

So yes, you want people who have an entrepreneurial spirit but that is not the primary indicator of an excellent prospective coach.

Passion For Fitness

So that leaves, people with a passion for fitness.   Have you ever met someone who was absolutely passionate about fitness?   Couldn’t you just feel their passion?   They manage to work health and fitness into a majority of their conversations and they are go-to people when someone wants to improve their health.

Those are the people you want to get into your circle.

So where do they hang out?   They are fitness instructors, personal trainers, gym owners, fitness bloggers, runners, and fitness equipment retailers.   They hang out in Facebook and Linked IN groups.   They are at gyms and health fairs.   They are in online health forums and health-related stores.

So…go where they are.   Pick one or two hang-outs and start hanging out there too.   Don’t try to sell Beachbody to them however.   Build a relationship.   Get to know their area of expertise.   Learn what aspect of fitness they are most passionate about.   Join in their conversations.

After you have built a relationship and gotten to know them, look for a natural opportunity to discuss how they can add a tool to their “toolbox” so to speak.   Because Beachbody is just that – it is a tool.   Don’t sell them on “starting a business.”   Offer them the opportunity to add a bunch of awesome tools that they can use to expand their audience.   With Beachbody they can reach the folks that can’t make it to a gym regularly or who travel and want to workout on the road.

Be prepared to have a conversation about how Beachbody can expand their specific business.   Give them ideas how to use the product line – maybe expanding into offering Shakeology to their current clients is a great fit.   Again, you are not selling them a new business.   Chances are they have one already – your are giving them tools to expand their business.

7 Steps to Expanding Your Circle to Include the “Right” People

So here are your action items:

  1. Identify what type of person you want to connect with
  2. Find where they hang out
  3. Watch the conversation for a while
  4. Start getting involved in the conversation
  5. Get to know a few key individuals
  6. Study their business
  7. Offer Beachbody tools that will help expand their business

So what are you waiting for? The internet world is open 24/7.   Get out there and start looking.


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