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Captivity Can Become An Addiction

A little story about crabs in a basket posted by Patty Sweeney Corrigan on Facebook

If you place a sole crab in a stock pot and heat it, it will readily attempt to climb out, it will escape, and potentially achieve freedom! However, if you place two or three crabs in the pot, every time one of them gets to the top and is close to escaping, the other crabs will pull it back down. They will go through this exercise in self destructive behavior over and over until they decide that it is a futile effort to even attempt to escape. They break each others will to succeed. Unfortunately, many people are like that too. You have to beware of people around you that will try to keep you from achieving great heights. The fact is, if you are considering doing something different, like eating right, exercising and being healthy, you are on the verge of doing something that most overweight American’s dream about, but won’t actually DO. When you succeed in changing your lifestyle and tell your friends and family that you are about to “escape the basket”, they will inevitably try to pull you back in, with negative comments (jealousy) …. with them into their complacent, sedentary lifestyle. It’s not because they don’t love you or want the best for you, but   they are scared of taking the same step you took.

Captivity can become an addiction. It becomes a way of life, a very comfortable little existence with the rest of “the crabs”. What I’m saying is, as you read this, if you’ve ever wondered what life “outside the basket” looked like, take a climb to the top and look around, if you like what you see, don’t let anyone pull you back down! You can achieve your goal of being HEALTHY!


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