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Want to Look Great in Twelve Minutes a Day?

John Lost 40 lbs with Shakeology and 10 Minute Trainer:   Workout Time 10:00 + Shake Time 2:00 = 12:00!


Here ‘s an interview provided by Beachbody explaining how he did it:

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
Before I began my health and fitness journey I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 42. After that things began to get worse. Next is what I’ve deemed my 5 year wake up call. At the age of 47, I was up to 223 lbs, on high cholesterol medication, on a CPAP machine for breathing with sleep apnea and I had knee problems. I was tired all the time, sluggish and my life consisted of work, come home eat, sit on the couch and sleep, wake up and watch TV, go to bed and repeat again the next day. As a former Honor graduated from US Marine Corps boot camp and a previous personal trainer for a national health club chain for 2 years, I knew this wasn’t right.

How did Shakeology support your transformation?
While doing 10 Minute Trainer I also drank Shakeology every day. I can remember when I drank Shakeology for the first time. I had a mental clarity that is hard to describe. It was if I noticed everything around me. My eyes were wide open. Shakeology gave me energy and alertness to get through my day. I didn’t usually eat breakfast and if I did it was a fast food breakfast sandwich. By drinking Shakeology in the mornings, I was able to get the nutrition that I needed in order to lose the weight that I needed. It nourished my body and took away the cravings for sweets and junk food.

How did Shakeology or diet affect any existing health conditions you have?
When I started 10 Minute Trainer I was 223 lbs, had high cholesterol, was on a breathing machine for sleep apnea and had knee problems. After completing 10 Minute Trainer and drinking Shakeology every day, I not only lost 40 lbs, but now I don’t take any medications, I don’t have sleep apnea and my knees are better.

I have also done the Ultimate Reset. After 21 days on the reset I lost 16 lbs and my cholesterol numbers dropped even further. Now I maintain my weight and eating by continuing to drink Shakeology everyday and supplementing my meals with the Ultimate Reset meals.

Why did you choose 10 Minute Trainer?
I chose 10 Minute Trainer as my beginning program because my main obstacle to getting in shape and exercising was time. I told myself that I could spend 10 minutes on my own health. I was falling apart and I needed to do something. I knew the advantages of a healthy lifestyle, I had just resolved myself to excuses. With 10 Minute Trainer, I had no more excuses and it paid off with a healthier lifestyle for me today.

10 Minute Trainer gave me a starting point that I could not argue with. I could do a 10 Minute workout even with my busy schedule. I eventually worked up to 20 minutes a day, then 30 minutes a day. Even thought the sessions were only 10 minutes, the workouts were challenging, fun and kept my interest. Even though I have moved on to other Beachbody programs, I still come back to 10 Minute Trainer when I need to get in a quick workout.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program? *
My life changed drastically. Because of my weight loss from doing 10 Minute Trainer and drinking Shakeology every day, I no longer have to take medication for high cholesterol. After losing 40 lbs I had another sleep study done and it showed that I no longer have sleep apnea, so the CPAP machine is now in the closet.

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?
I couldn’t believe the results that I achieved with 10 Minute Trainer. From just three 10 minute sessions a week, I was able to lose 40 lbs. I had muscle growth and definition I hadn’t had before. While in the Marine Corps I was able to keep my weight down, but not get the definition I had gained from 10 Minute Trainer. I developed abs!! I had a six pack!! My endurance increased and I wasn’t tired anymore after a day’s work. I became muscular overall. My thighs slimmed down, even my butt got smaller.


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