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Motivation to Get Moving with Exercise!

We’ve all felt that feeling of dread when we know we should work out, but just can’t seem to get motivated. You   may be comfortable in your sweats or pajamas and don’t want to even think about changing into workout gear. You’re so tired and maybe even a little bit grumpy. You don’t have the time and you’re feeling stressed out.   Do you really want to exercise today and get all sweaty?? YES!!

Every time I think I don’t want to work out, I remember the energy, happiness, and healthy feeling I have after I’m finished. I make my exercise a non-negotiable part of my day and schedule it in. Most people don’t have the time for exercise, they make the time. After an effective intense workout program, I have so much more energy than before I started. My blood is pumping and my endorphins are soaring high. I could be tired and not feeling so happy and then, BOOM, I get out my fitness program, push “play”, hear the music, and my heart starts pumping, and I start smiling! I don’t even remember why I wasn’t so happy before I began my workout when I’m done.   Some may call it an addiction, and the results keep me coming back for more.

If you dread exercise, you may not have found something you LOVE. For me, I like high energy, intense cardio, resistance training where I feel my muscles burning, and see results to motivate me. I like a challenge where I push myself using mental energy to reach my goal. Exercise makes me feel and look younger. I concentrate better, feel calmer with less stress and a lot more energy, and I’m more prepared to take on physical and emotional challenges throughout the day.   I miss that feeling when I don’t exercise and my body and mind remind me. Skipping too many workouts in a week can be hazardous to my health and happiness! I’m a better mother, wife and friend when I maintain my exercise routine and keep up with my optimum nutrition of 6 small meals a day including Shakeology.

Finding workouts that you enjoy is critical. There are many exercises to choose from, and variety is key. I prefer working out at home over the gym, and have tried many of Beachbody’s fitness programs. I know they are effective in getting you results to be in the best shape of your life.   If you want to go extreme with weight lifting and cardio, you’d love P90X. The muscle confusion will change the shape of your body and you will feel yourself becoming stronger all over. You can adapt the program to make it work for you. For intense cardio, go a little insane with Insanity, or its sequel, Insanity: The Asylum. With short, but effective exercises, your body will get conditioned with high intensity drills. You’ll train like an athlete and push your body to its maximum limits. The choreography, kickboxing, High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT),and energy pumping music is what I love about TurboFire. These 3 fitness programs are the most popular and will definitely maximize your fitness level, but there are so many more. If it’s dancing you like, try the Samba and Lambada moves with Brazil Butt Lift, or get jamming to Hip Hop Abs. I’ve tried them and love them!   You can add a little martial arts to your routine with RevAbs. Don’t be fooled by thinking you need a lot of space or equipment either to do these programs. You don’t need much at all. Resistance bands work great to build muscle, and you need a little space, plus your dvd player. Tell me your goals and style, and I’ll recommend you a fitness program. Get up and move and I promise you,   you will feel fabulous when you’re done!   Shop my website and get free bonus workouts plus me as your coach. Contact me with any questions. I’d love to help you.

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