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Today’s Featured Team Beachbody Trainer

Wow, it is great to be working on this blog again.   A new look and feel and a renewed passion for providing good content, great resources and the best advice available to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Today’s Featured Trainer is the embodiment of all of those qualities.   I am proud to introduce you to long time Team Beachbody Coach Kimberly Rapoza.

Kimberly is a 40 year old mother of three.     She says, “Staying healthy and fit is something I am very passionate about. I know it is the key to my living a fun and full life. The commitment is real…and the rewards are amazing!!”

Please take the time to learn more about Kimberly by visiting her Team Beachbody Coach site –

You can also visit her on Facebook to learn more –

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