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What a Difference a Year Makes

What a difference a year makes.   At the end of 2013, my left knee hurt too much to run (or I would have to walk to warm up and then could run a little and then walk and run a little and walk).   I thought that the pain came from arthritis in my knee and if that had been the case, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Instead, early on New Year’s Day 2013, as I was walking through Mission Park here in Albuquerque, the meniscus tore in my knee and I couldn’t take a step.   I ended up going to the ER, having a brace put on and being on crutches for the next week.   Ultimately and MRI determined that I had suffered a “complete root tear of the horn of the medial meniscus” – bad news, but it could have been worse.   They said that it was highly unlikely that it would heal and suggested surgery.   I said no and got a second opinion.   They second opinion that I got was that if I got the surgery, I would end up with arthritis in that knee – something that I had no trace of in either knee.

The significance of running close to five miles yesterday and passing the spot where the actual tear occurred is more psychological than anything else.   I must admit that I was a little nervous when I started out, even though I have been running for months.   I just wanted to get home from this run as a moral victory instead of being picked up after hopping across a park field on one leg.

Beachbody Joint SupportWhat did I do to be able to run again?   I prayed and I used Beachbody Joint Support.   I was also careful and I don’t play basketball or volleyball and I don’t run on steep or slippery trails.   I cherish every run that I am able to do and thank God every time I make it home from a run.

If you would like to learn more about Joint Support, then click here.   I only did two things to help my knee and we all know the power of prayer.   But I also believe in all of the Beachbody products that I’ve tried and have every reason to believe in this one.

If you have knee pain or joint pain, seek medical advice.   If the medical professional suggests taking glucosamine, collagen type II, and MSM, then I would recommend Beachbody Joint Support based on what it has done for me.

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