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We’re All Fish in the Sea of Fitness

Let’s face it, we’re all just like fish in the sea of fitness, and just like all people who work out, we thrive in different environments.   Basically, we can be divided into the people who go to the gym and the people who would never work out at the gym (with a few people who live in the brackish water of going to the gym and working out at home).

For example’s sake, let’s say that people who go to the gym are like saltwater fish and like saltwater fish, they couldn’t survive in freshwater.   They need their daily or almost daily dose of the routine of driving to the gym, seeing people at the gym and experiencing the sensory input that the gym provides.

Freshwater fish, like me, would never work out at the gym and although I wouldn’t die like a freshwater fish in saltwater, I just wouldn’t want to work out if I had to get dressed for the gym (or pack for the gym), drive there and experience some of the sensory input that I will leave to your imaginations.   Please note that this post is in no way intended to say anything negative about gyms because I, in fact, keep a family gym membership year round just to be able to swim and play in the pool with my family.   But as far as working out there, it just does not fit my fitness lifestyle.

What I prefer when I work out is to be able to go out the door and run and when I want to work out with a personal trainer, I have Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and Shaun T sitting next to a DVD player in my workout run.   No appointment necessary, no stress getting to a session on time, no canceling because the time doesn’t work.   I just fit in a workout every day by turning on a TV and pushing play or putting a DVD into a computer or laptop.   It is as simple as that.

Freshwater fish and saltwater fish thrive in their environments because of the way that they are made.   If you haven’t entered the waters of fitness yet and don’t know if you are a freshwater fish or not, just keep in mind that for about 1/3 of what a gym membership costs each month, you can not only be a member of the Team Beachbody Club, but you can also be entitled to a 25% discount on all Team Beachbody products.   That means you, too, can have P90X, Chalean Extreme, Insanity and a whole bunch of other programs and still be ahead of the game.

Plus, after doing those workouts, you’ll be swimming with the big fish in the sea of fitness!

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