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Not Just Another Reason to Drink Shakeology

You know by now that I’m no Billy Mays.   I’m not trying to pitch something or convince you to do something that you absolutely have to do.   I’m just a coach who tries things and uses things before he recommends them to his athletes.

Whether it was a workout, a heart rate monitor, a workout DVD or a nutritional, 100% of the time I tried, used it and tested it over a period of time before I suggested it to anyone else.   I’m not from Missouri, but I need to “show me” before I “show you”.

So it is with Shakeology.   When it was released in March 2009, I ordered it to try it, not to be able to sell it.   I have used it every day since.   My initial reaction was that something that tasted that good shouldn’t be that good for you, but from the ingredient list, obviously it is a nutrient packed formula.

My next surprise was an improvement in my running performance.   I started using it as a pre workout drink and it not only kept my energy up, but I was also able to run faster over the same running routes that I had been doing.   I then switched to using it as a post workout recovery drink (or sometimes used it before and after) and got even better results.

Then, of course, I started feeling the health benefits with an overall feeling of wellness, more energy and more zest for life.   Even through two unavoidable illnesses this year, I never missed a day of work or a day working out and that is the best testament that I can provide, except for one.

At my age, you just don’t get embarrassed anymore and you can tell it like it is.   I’m less than a year away from the big 60, so this benefit of Shakeology is one that I never would have even dreamed of.   What is it?   Better sex drive or more precisely, way beyond better sex drive.   Why, I don’t know?   Is there an ingredient that enhances your libido?   I don’t know.   Does some combination of ingredients create the effect or is it maybe just the fact that your body feels so great from taking in all 70 healthy ingredients every day that it’s just happy and rewards you with a wide range of benefits.

Better sex drive might not be for you but there are plenty of other reasons to drink Shakeology and one of them has to be that compelling reason to not just try it, but to crave it every day like I do.

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