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Who Will Do The One Millionth WOWY Workout?

Update:   Congratulations to Bill Cowan, the one millionth member to work out in WOWY, the Online SuperGym!   There were 3,105 workouts done in WOWY on September 13th and Bill is the big winner.   Thank you!   Let’s all start working on being winners of the next contest.   You can still be a daily winner in WOWY just by joining.   Every day – 7 days a week, 365 days a year – someone wins either $300 or merchandise like iPods, camcorders, etc. valued at $300 and once a week there is a $1,000 winner.   Get paid to get fit with WOWY!

I love working out in WOWY for the support and sense of community that I get from having friends to work out with.   For the last year and a half, logging into WOWY, which is free to everyone, has been my “going to the gym”.   Now there is a milestone coming up and someone is going to be a winner. “Who will be the millionth member to work out in WOWY, the Online SuperGym? Whoever it is, that person will win a prize pack including $1,000 cash, a one-year paid Club membership, an autographed DVD from his or her favorite trainer, a 90-day supply of the Results Pack, a signed certificate from CEO Carl Daikeler, plus recognition on BNN and in the Beachbody ® and Momentum newsletters!”

So why not join the Team Beachbody community for free or make a total commitment to imporing your health and fitness and join the Team Beachbody Club.   No matter which one you choose, join us in the WOWY gym and you could be a winner in many more ways than one!

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