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Woo Hoo! Week 4 Result from Brazil Butt Lift!

Okay, this was my last week of round one with Brazil Butt Lift.   After 4 weeks of working the bum bum (pronounced boom boom,and Brazilian for booty), tucking the tummy, sculpting the body I’m quite pleased with the results.

I know my results would have been a lot better if I didn’t start Brazil Butt Lift during the holiday season.   I’ll admit that I indulged in some holiday goodies.   So I’m going to do another round, but this time really behave.

Here were my measurements on Day 1/Week 1:

Waist 28.5″
Hips 36″
Thigh 20.5″ each

And here are my measurements on Day 6/Week 4:

Waist 26.5″
Hips 35″
Thigh 19.5″ each

I lost a total of 2 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips and 1 inch off each thigh.

Even though my nutrition wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst either, so that helped.   Shakeology played a big part in me not totally blowing it with my nutrition.  

I made sure I pushed play every day I was scheduled to workout, even Christmas Day.   If you want results you need to commit yourself to sticking with a plan. And a structured plan works the best.   Trust me I know.

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