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Would you like a “thank you” check or a “lifestyle” check?

I love my team of coaches and as new coaches join us, I always like to explain their options in approaching the Team Beachbody Coach opportunity.   Here is an email that I just sent to those coaches:

Hi Everyone,
Our conversation with Traci ranged from the benefits of being a Team Beachbody Coach as  just getting a thank you check every week,  to getting a “lifestyle” check.

Being in your own business isn’t for everyone because there is a sense of security when you get a paycheck every week.   That sure made more sense years ago, especially when there were safety nets in place and the job market was a lot less competitive.   But times have changed and everyone now realizes that we have to put in place contingency plans just in case.

If you need a contingency plan, then being an Emerald Coach is just that because with very little effort and no cost*, you will get a “thank you check” every week.   You also have the option/opportunity  to do more and make more.

You may also approach  Team Beachbody  as a choice to change your lifestyle or because circumstances have drawn you to what it has to offer.   In my case, it was circumstances and I will never ever regret that I fully embraced the Team Beachbody vision and the company’s passion for helping people to be successful.

I get an ever increasing lifestyle check each week, because circumstances led me to chose coaching as a lifestyle.   It is up to you whether you have a little extra  time and want to dedicate that time to helping other people lose weight, get fit and improve their overall quality of life and get a thank you check for it or if, over time, you want to  develop your business into having the lifestyle that you always wanted.   That is the beauty of what we do because we make the choices that will impact our future.


*As an active Emerald Coach who is getting volume points from  club renewals and customer purchases, you pay less than $28.00 a month for your website hosting fee and your club membership with no other purchases necessary to get volume points.    Your weekly  “thank you checks” will defray that cost, so in effect, you are paying nothing to be an Emerald Coach.

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