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Inspiring You Inspires Me

It was 15 years ago today that I started the website, so I want to take this opportunity to not only wish you a Happy New Year, but also to thank you for your continued interest and support over all those years. was conceived from a desire to help other people be healthy and fit and in the hope that by inspiring other people, it would also inspire me. I was almost 10 years into my battle with a very debilitating chronic illness as a result of a car accident in May 1985. That split second in time saw me go from national class runner to national class grump and whiner. When you wake up every morning feeling like you’ve run a marathon the day before and your daily dose of endorphins from running is cut by about 90%, that’s a bad combination.

But the years keep going by and I keep trying to find new ways to help you be as fit and healthy as I was and I still hope to be. I’ve gotten close, but the stress from a year as bad for me as it was for many other people combined to weaken my immune system and derail my health for another three months this year.

Today is a new day, though, with renewed hope, renewed promise and a renewed opportunity to be thankful for each and every one of our blessings. By taking each day as it comes and being thankful at the end of each day, we can go to sleep with the faith and optimism that comes from that thankfulness. I know in my heart that if I continue to help you in every way that I can, blessings will pour forth on all of us.

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