Keeping My Body Fit and Healthy with BODi

Weekly WOWY Winners Cash In

The WOWY Super Gym can help you get fit and healthy, plus you can win cash and prizes for doing it!

Just get your body moving with the physical activity of your choosing – yoga, hiking, swimming, biking, running, or any Beachbody fitness program – and log it into the WOWY Super Gym and track your progress. Not only will you feel great and get stoked as you log in your completed workout, you’ll be in the running to win some killer prizes, or even some cold, hard cash!

You can build your personal profile, plan your healthy meals and even find workout buddies to give you the support and motivation you need to stay on track and get ready to strut your stuff on the beach in just a few short months!

Check out the most recent winners in WOWY:

Whitney Elkins-Hutten won $300

Vanessa Hume won $1,000

Katie McGuire won an Apple iPod touch

Lee Graves won $300

Karen Fuller won an Apple iPod Touch

Tiffani Wiseman won $300

William Tallman won $300

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