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Is What You are Doing Empowering?

How do you feel about where your life is going right now?   I am currently on my sixth day of another round of P90X and I already feel empowered.   I feel stronger and fitter and have a better mental attitude because I am going in a positive direction toward a goal.   It is carrying over into my family life and business life and how I interact with other people.

What would empower you right now?   Do you have a willing body?   Are you fueling your body for success or is it running on fumes.   For me the key to feeling empowered is strength followed by endurance.   Each day, are you getting a little stronger?   Can you go a little longer in the day without getting tired or just running out of energy all together?

For me the answer to what is empowering me is P90X and Shakeology and I am not going to go a day without either one.   I feel too good to change what I am doing or say, “no, I don’t think I’ll work out today, just not enough time or I am too tired or too stressed or…”   No excuses here.   Yes, I woke up with sore legs from P90X Legs & Back yesterday and yes I am a lover and not a fighter, so Kenpo X was not for me.   But I did it anyway and got fired up and got rid of some of the soreness.

Do you feel like you can conquer the world or do you feel like the world is conquering you?   It is your choice as to what you do to feel empowered.   For me, it is strength training and good nutrition – not drugs, alcohol or vices that leave you feeling flat and disgusted with yourself.   Make a choice and be empowered.

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