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Fitness with Diana — Insanity: Asylum

Last Spring I saw an infomercial for Insanity that claimed to be the hardest program out to date, and only for those who are driven to put themselves through a purely rigorous program with no excuses. I thought to myself “I can do that!” I was going to be turning 40 at the end of the year and wanted to prove to myself that I had the energy and enthusiasm to prove age is just a number, and not an excuse. I jumped at the chance to prove to myself I can do this as well as own “bragging rights” (and the cool t-shirt) to this insane program.

As I anxiously anticipated the arrival of my new workout program I would continue to watch the infomercials and begin to think…”what in the world am I getting myself in to?” The day arrived that my package was delivered to my front door. I unwrapped it filled with excitement and read through everything so I could begin the next day.

WOW…it was even more intense than I expected, but I did complete the program (determined not to go through it again). As time passed I found myself creating more hybrids with my other BeachBody workouts that would include Insanity.

Then I would hear talk about another version of Insanity coming out called Asylum, which is promoted as making Insanity look like a warm up. I contemplated for a few months if it would be a workout that I would add to my video library. Then all of a sudden its early release to coaches came out last Friday and before I knew it…I had ordered it!

So here I am, anxiously awaiting the arrival of a workout that has me asking myself again “am I really Insane” for taking this on. But like I am always telling my girls “step outside of your comfort zone, and take chances. Don’t put limits on yourself”.

Bring it Shaun T!
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