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To Rest or Not to Rest, That is the Question

For some people, perhaps many, taking 6 days of rest and then anguishing over whether to work out on the seventh is their norm.   For others, who work out 6 or 7 days a week or do doubles (more than one workout a day), a rest day just doesn’t feel right.   But is there a reason to take a rest day that should override your psychological desire to work out?

According to Runner’s World Magazine, “Take a rest to repair muscle tears and reduce inflammation.   Some studies say the incidence of injury directly correlates to the number of consecutive training days, so build at least one day of complete rest into your weekly schedule. Beginners can alternate training and rest days. Veteran runners, since they are better conditioned, can recover with a slow, easy run.”

In another article they say, “Refusing to back off when your body needs a break can backfire and result in injury. If you need a break, but don’t want to take a rest day try this: Day 1: Go for an early morning run; Day 2: Go for a short run at night; Day 3: Get back to your regular routine. While you didn’t take a rest day you did allow your body an additional 12 hours of rest between days 1 and 2, which can mean all the difference.”

How does this apply when you are doing a Team Beachbody workout DVD?   Well, every workout plan has one or more built in rest days and I highly recommend that you use them to allow your body to recover and restore.   If you are in that distinct minority of people who can’t stand the thought of not working out one day, like me, do something different.   Yesterday was my Insanity Rest Day, so I went for a run.   Today was the Insanity Fit Test and wanting a workout, I did RevAbs Mercy Abs.

Listen to your body and not your ego or the check marks on your calendar or training log and do what is right for your body.   It will reward you with better and faster results as you avoid illness and injury.

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