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Is It Time To Stop Being a Ticking Time Bomb?

You need to lose weight, you need to lower your cholesterol, you need to get your blood pressure down, you need to…

When are you going to stop being a ticking time bomb?   Do you need to get the life sentence of diabetes from being overweight or obese?   Will you wait until you have dangerously high cholesterol and builds up causing hardening of the arteries and risking a heart attack?   Are you letting high blood pressure damage your body for years before symptoms develop. Left untreated any one of these conditions can lead to greater health risks, a poor quality of life or even a fatal heart attack.

What are you waiting for?   The class reunion isn’t until September, so you still have time.   Your daughters wedding isn’t until next June, so you still have time.     You are in denial and think you feel fine.   You simply don’t care.

Change comes from the mind.   You need to make a conscious decision that you need to do something today and do it.   Now, not tomorrow, not next week or next month or next year.   Decide today to take control of your health and wellness and you will start changing your life forever.

We are a team of Beachbody Coaches and we want you to Get Fit With Team Howtobefit.   You will have support, camaraderie, guidance, encouragement and much more.   Let our team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches turn you from being a ticking time bomb to a testament to what is possible.   To join the team, click here and get started today!

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