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Insanity Day Six – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

The first time that I did this workout, it was my first real taste of Insanity other than the Fit Test and I was tentative during the workout and sore and tired the next day.   This morning, I was coming off of Pure Cardio the day before and yet I was more aggressive and put more effort into each exercise and set as I knew what was coming.   It still got to me in the middle and I took some breaks, but I felt that I was more in control.   Given that the temperature in the workout room was the same, the best feedback was that I think that I sweat more in this workout than anyone that I have ever done except running in summer.   Shaun T, Insanity is the real deal.   Thanks!

Why don’t you join me and find out for yourself how insane this workout is – click here to check out INSANITY!

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