Keeping My Body Fit and Healthy with BODi

Power to the People!

No, not the name calling, spitting on, wrecking offices and death threats – the power that comes from being empowered through health and fitness.   We had the power to reform health care by changing our exercise habits and improving our nutrition, but we did nothing about it.   Not a good decision because now politicians are creating and implementing reforms and trying to balance the needs and wants of everyone and leaving almost everyone a little dissatisfied.

Should we repeal health care reform?   Don’t ask me.   I do know that we can all do our part to take care of our own health and that will certainly go a long way to reducing the projected costs of the health care reform plan as enacted.

What do I suggest?   There is no better nor more effective way to improve your fitness than with a Team Beachbody workout DVD.   There is no better nor more effective way to improve your diet than with the nutrition information in the Team Beachbody Club and the new Meal Plan Tool will revolutionize how you can manage your food intake.   Finally, there is no better nor more effective way to achieve the goals that you have than with the support, guidance, motivation and inspiration of a Team Beachbody Coach.   We are here to serve you and brighten your day with power of encouragement and a coach is included for free with every Team Beachbody membership!

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