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Make Our Planet Great Again

I’m not rebellious and I am definitely not anti-government.  I am proud to be one of the people who has done the things that will  make our planet great again and at the same time will make our nation great again.  But not by implementing a travel ban that bans Muslims.  Not by bringing back coal mining and black lung disease.  And not by pulling out of the Paris Accord that will slow climate change.

I am making our nation great again

I am an American that lives on a plant based diet and reduces the carbon footprint.

I am an American that is trying to eliminate as much plastic use as possible and repurposes, reuses and recylces (or upcycles) everything that I possibly can.

I am getting solar energy as soon as possible.

I am limiting driving to the bare minimum and using Uber when practical to reduce CO2.

I am running and carrying a pack to get small amounts of groceries and running other errands.  It’s not exactly run commuting, but much the same idea.

Will you join me in making our planet and our nation great again?

Make Our Planet Great Again


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