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Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Everyone is Laughing at Us Now

I’ve been alive for more than 66 year years.  My parents went through World War 1, the Great Depression and World War 2 in England.  They came to this country after World War 2 because Europe was devastated by the ravages of war.  Because of the devastation, the United States initiated the Marshall Plan:

“The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) was an American initiative to aidWestern Europe, in which the United States gave over $13 billion[1] (approximately $130 billion in current dollar value as of June 2016) in economic support to help rebuild Western European economies after the end of World War II. The plan was in operation for four years beginning April 8, 1948. The goals of the United States were to rebuild war-devastated regions, remove trade barriers, modernize industry, make Europe prosperous once more, and prevent the spread of communism.[2] The Marshall Plan required a lessening of interstate barriers, a dropping of many regulations, and encouraged an increase in productivity,labour union membership, as well as the adoption of modern business procedures.[3]” (source –

The United States that has been the greatest country in the world for all of my lifetime, but now it is withdrawing its support for the future of our planet and taking us back to the coal age by pulling us out of the Paris agreement.

Not once in my lifetime have I heard anyone report that the US is being laughed at, but judging by the international reaction to the US joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only three countries in the world not signing the Paris Accord, I believe that everyone is laughing at us now..

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