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Rough Day?

With just a matter of minutes before I dedicate the rest of the evening to the girls and we watch “War Room“, I just wanted to do a quick post about dealing with rough days.   I’ve had a few in a row, but have successfully dealt with them in healthy ways.   The traditional ways that come to mind are drinking, partying, etc. but since I never drink a drop and single dads don’t party, I instead turned to exercise and a healthy diet.   Neglecting either one would only make things worse, so I ran some good workouts, walked today in a place that brought back great memories (of a 5K that Grace my older daughter and I did on the 4th of July) and ate well.   Carly (my younger daughter) wanted pizza for dinner, so we went to Whole Foods to take advantage of $9.99 night and I got her a cheese pizza and a couple of slices of vegan pizza for myself.   To wash it down, I made Shakeology straight (every once in awhile I have it just with almond milk if I don’t need the extra calories that fruit and nut butters add).   Healthy exercise and eating got me through my rough day and I highly recommend it for everyone.

Time to watch the movie…iPhone Pictures

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