Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Mention P90X and Honesty Goes Out the Window?

To all of the people who think that it is okay to buy bootleg copies of P90X, complain that you didn’t get the exercise guide and nutrition guide and then continue doing something illegal and buying them in .pdf or downloading them.

I guess that you think that you are being a nice guy by jumping in and posting the entire P90X Classic routine on our blog (which you can’t because I deleted all but the first week). But, honestly, do you really think that it is fair to the company that spent so much money developing and promoting the best workout DVD ever made? Aren’t you taking jobs away from American workers?   Do you really think that it is fair to all of the people who paid fair market price for P90X so that you can then support bootleggers in China? Come on, what happened to the sense of decency and honesty that are hallmarks of the American people?

How can you justify ripping off Team Beachbody when they created the program that has helped so many people improve their health and fitness. That same company offers a free membership program for all of the Toms, Dicks and Harrys who came by P90X in ways other than buying it new from a Team Beachbody Coach, which is the right way to purchase it. If you want the workouts, click on the following link, sign up as a Team Beachbody community member and you can get them for free and have a top Team Beachbody Coach to help, guide and support you as you do P90X.

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