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P90X is the Real Deal

Okay, so some of you probably have seen the infomercials for P90X. If not let me fill you in. it’s a workout that was designed by Tony Horton at BeachBody. The main principles are that it is intense, it is based on muscle confusion, and its fun. Its “extreme home fitness.” If you follow the guides, and don’t hit any bumps in the road of life, you will have a totally transformed body in 90 days.

As a fitness instructor, I’ve been a longtime proponent of the principle of “muscle confusion.” I believe that you need to change things up in your workout, in order to get maximum results. So when I first saw the infomercials a few years ago I was intrigued. I waited a while before trying it. But I did research it and I thought it sounded great. So when clients would ask me about P90X, I would tell them to go for it. Those clients who did try it loved it and would tell me that my workouts were a lot like Tony Horton’s. That intrigued me even more.

So I decided to look into it myself and began the program. I started a few months back, but I’ll admit I borrowed it from a friend, so I didn’t have the guides. Without the guides, I decided to just do whatever disc I wanted to do. Although I was still getting a great workout, I wanted more structure. I am so busy with the 4 kids, that I needed someone else to do the thinking for me. So I ordered the P90X system for myself.

When the UPS man came to deliver my P90X, I felt like a kid at Christmas. It came professionally packaged with the guides I needed and the DVDs. I was super excited. I half expected to hear angels singing and rays of light coming out of the box.

Anyone who decides to borrow P90X or buy it on eBay, I would highly suggest looking into buying your own version instead. Most of the time a borrowed copy or a second-hand copy will not come with the guides you need. Plus it is nice having your very own.

So far I feel a lot stronger and have more energy than I’ve had in weeks. My upper body strength has greatly improved. Sometimes I can get the full workout in, but other days I split it up and do half and half when I can. But I feel like this is the first time in a long time I have gotten a great workout in beside teaching a class. I also look at it as “me time.” I’m not the type of girl who wants a spa day, but I do appreciate having time to take care of my body and mind by working out.

As a fitness instructor, I have to say that P0X is the real deal.   You get  so much when you purchase this program.   They really took all the guesswork out.   Its like having a personal trainer for 90 days for less than $120.   That’s a real deal,

Now if you did happen to purchase P90X second hand or borrowed it from a friend, there is hope. Team BeachBody offers free online coaching, and you can get the P90X classic routine online. Plus they are so committed to seeing you succeed, that you get your own coach for free to help you on your fitness journey.

If you would like more info on P90X or any other BeachBody products, you can visit me at my Team Beachbody Coach site, read my   FitWithJessica blog or follow me on Twitter.

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