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Hope, Optimism and Health

Hope, optimism and health. Turn it into an acronym, repeat three times fast and you have “Hoh, hoh, hoh”. I love finding out the origins of famous phrases…!

We’ve been getting some good news lately – wow, we can shoot at and hit a satellite traveling at 17,000 miles an hour – and I think that we are all feeling a little more optimistic about the future. Our lives are dominated by news stories and a lot of the news has been bad, diminishing our hope for and optimism about the future, but every once in awhile we hear good news.

Until November, most of news will be about the election and we know that the election will bring change. Let’s face it, the game between the Republicans and the Democrats in the last seven or so years has been BORING! Imagine what the ratings would be for a scoreless Super Bowl that was all defense or a Daytona 500 where they drove the speed limit and there were no crashes! We need change and the optimism that it will bring for the future. We need a high scoring game where the Republicans win some innings or quarters and the Democrats win an equal number. When there are “crashes”, no one is hurt and the only thing that happens is that our adrenaline starts pumping and we have a collective sigh of thankfulness! All of the challenging issues will be solved with stirring finishes like this year’s Daytona 500 and everyone will get the checkered flag and win!

I think that all of this hope and optimism will have a very positive impact on our physical health and the health of our nation. When we are happy and not anxious, we accomplish so much more in our daily lives. When we can laugh, the challenges are so much easier to overcome than when we are despairing over today and what tomorrow seems to hold for us.

So this week’s theme is hope, optimism and the health benefits of being happy and facing the future with smiles on our faces…

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