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Feedback from someone insane enough to do Insanity

Scott Morrison lost 45 pounds doing P90X and he is in top shape.   He wants to go to the next level with Insanity.   Here is what he writes after Day 2:

“I don’t think I could use easy and Insanity in the same sentence, unless I included the word wasn’t. It is extreme! Day 2 today, cardio power and resistance. It reminds me of basketball drills, except at a much higher level. A lot of jumping back and forth, hurdles, heisman’s, push-ups, in place sprints. I was debating on whether I should wear my running shoes, I normally wear cross-trainers for my workouts. My legs hurt, my arms were collapsing on the push-ups. Did I mention it’s extreme, if not, it’s extreme! On a positive note, I think the only way to go is up.

For nutrition I’ve been sticking close to the P90X phase 2. I think I’ll need to modify that. The book says you need more carbs to sustain the workout, I think it’s true. I was bonking yesterday around 1-2pm, and I ate my regular food for breakfast/snack/lunch. I had to have my afternoon snack early to get my energy level back up. I was planning on doing 2-4 weeks of P90X phase 1 diet when starting Insanity, but don’t think it will get me through it.

Did I mention it’s extreme?”

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