Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Should I take the rest day completely off?

That’s a question that I just received from someone doing Power 90.   The person was unemployed and trying to push himself into getting in better shape and doing cardio on his day off.   Here is my response:

“There is always risk when you do too much but knowing what too much is can be tricky.   Technically, you should take the day off and rest both physically and psychologically and your body should need it and benefit from it.   But, for some, taking a day off simply doesn’t fit their psychological profile and is counterproductive.   I’m 59 and I fit that profile and I train 7 days a week.   I did pay the price just recently with a sore hamstring from a training mistake that has hampered my training since.   Was it worth it to train 7 days a week for so long before that?   Absolutely and I will be healed soon.   Personally, I think that the self improvement from pushing yourself to get in better shape for your next job will pay off handsomely.”

That is one of those answers that will have the experts shaking their heads (I have a friend who is a coach and he is adamantly opposed to training 7 days a week), but everyone is different.   Maybe for some, pushing themselves for as long as they can (until they get injured or sick) is what works best for them psychologically and that is a key part of the success of any workout program.

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