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My First $100,000.00

I passed a milestone on Thursday when my commissions as a Team Beachbody Coach surpassed $100,000.00. The only reason that I am telling you that is because I want you all to know that it is possible to make money with Team Beachbody. With daily effort, passion, perseverance and patience, you can really make as much money as you want to.

I know that I could have and should have made a lot more, but sometimes life just gets in the way and I only have myself to blame for that. I will say, though, that there is no comparison between the opportunity now and what it was when I started. I have never gotten even an email from the coach that was assigned to me, we couldn’t contact our members, there was no Facebook or Twitter, no Game Plan training, no Craig Holiday, no Larry Zimberg, no third party tools, no Insanity, Shakeology and TurboFire, etc., etc. There was just consistent effort over time and we found our own way. A coach starting today who utilizes everything that is available to us now and is guided to those resources by their coach has an enormous advantage.

How fast can you get to Emerald, Diamond and your first $100,000.00? That’s up to you. How badly do you want it?


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