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Have You Been to X City?

Are you ready to go to X City? Plyometrics X is just one of 12 workouts that over 90 days will take you from where you are today to where you want to be and beyond with better cardiovascular fitness, huge gains in strength, improved flexibility and coordination and a sense of being empowered like you’ve never had before.

P90X Day 2 is Plyometrics X.   Tony Horton refers to it as “the X in P90X” and goes on to say in his introductory comments that it is, “the mother of all P90X workouts”.

The first time that I went to “X City” as Tony says, my first thought was that this will be great for my running.   My next thought was that this is great for strength, cardio and flexibility in one workouts and my last thought was that I had done a great workout.

According to Beachbody, with Plyometrics X, you need to, “Get ready to go airborne. With over 30 explosive jumping moves, you won’t be spending much time on the ground during this highly intense cardio routine. Plyometrics, also known as jump training, has been proven to dramatically improve athletic performance. If your sport involves a ring, rink, field, court, or track, then this training will give you the edge. Just be prepared to “Bring It” for a full hour when you leap into this workout, because there is no letting up.”

Learn more about the P90X Complete Fitness System by clicking here.

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