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P90X Day 1 – A New P90X Journey Begins

Life brings lots of changes and challenges and how we deal with them defines what we are made of.   I once remember reading, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”   Life got tough and I got going.   My passion for running was boxed up and put in the closet, hopefully to bring out again in a year and half when my daughter Carly starts kindergarten.   In August 2012, I will have both girls in school and dad can focus on his running.   By that time, I will have completed more rounds of P90X and Insanity and that should mean that I will be stronger on my runs than ever.

Today is the beginning of a new P90X journey and also proof that when life gets tough, you can get just as tough back and use the opportunity to create a new and better you in the process.

P90X Chest & Back done, 89 days to go in this journey!

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