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Confessions of a Running Addict

You probably don’t notice, but as a highly successful Team Beachbody Coach, I only infrequently post or tweet about the Team Beachbody workout that I just did.   Well, that isn’t because I don’t love all of the programs that I have tried or want to be able to bask in the glow of finishing another round of P90X.   It is purely and simply because I am a running addict.

Beginning in September 1966, I have run almost continuously since, running over 60,000 miles on roads, trails and the track.   There were a few years when I played soccer with a Princeton youth group, five years in Colombia and Guatemala when I played mostly soccer and the entire month of December last year when I had the swine flu and could only walk.   Other than that, though, my identity has revolved around running.   I could and did run virtually any time and under any conditions.

But something much more important will change all that next week as once again I become a full time single Dad.   With Grace and Carly sound asleep in their beds at 6:00 am when I always work out, there will be no way that I can just go out the door as I have been able to do.   I actually posted in my comments this morning when I logged into WOWY that, “Sometimes circumstances dictate the change that you need to make. That’s the reason most of us are in WOWY!”   Most people, I am sure, took it to mean being overweight or out of shape or in poor health and those were the circumstances that drove them to work out.   For me, it is pure logistics and in a way something that I have needed to do for a long time.

I am a Team Beachbody Coach to the core and I am a product of the product.   For the most part, though, it has been so many of the Team Beachbody nutritional products that I used to restore my health and now the cornerstone of maintaining my health – Shakeology.   Fitness has been something that I have maintained for a lifetime by simply running.   The constant was lacing up a pair of running.   The only thing that changed was how much or how little clothing I wore and that was totally dependent on the seasons.   Hot or cold, rain or snow, I ran.

Instead of waiting until next week, I am starting the program that I will use to mimic the level of fitness that running gives me and that program is Insanity.   It may be wishful thinking because I am on my third day of virtually no solid food and a Shakeology only diet as a stomach virus takes its time getting out of my system.   But I will make a start, so look for me to change all of my scheduled running workouts to Insanity workouts and know that I will be doing my best to adapt.   It has been time for awhile to deal with my “addiction” and that time has come.   My belief is that I will go from being a running addict to being addicted to Insanity – as weird as that may sound!

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