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Telling it like it is

I’ve been on a roll and posting some things on Facebook that weren’t exactly politically correct.   Here are just a few:

Scott posted about food regulation and I personally think that people are just plain stupid to eat the way that they do. “I don’t eat any junk food, fast food or drink any sweetened drinks like soda or Gatorade and I am thin and always have been. This is my response to Scott’s post: “Scott, I saw this segment on GMA about a personal trainer who is going from fit to fat to fit. He wanted to be able to respond to people who said to him that he didn’t understand how hard it was to lose weight. He started May 11 and has gained 70 pounds and he is shocked by how much he gained eating the way “stupid” (that’s my word choice) people do. Amazing story so far –”

Ric shared a post about the Best Packaged Foods for Men from Mens This is what I think about the article, “Personally, I think that men should do all of the cooking. I do in my house. Since men aren’t out hunting and gathering then they should be getting their butts to the grocery store and coming home and making meals for their families.”

“The only way that I have achieved success as a Team Beachbody Coach is with unwavering faith and passion. There is too much at stake in this country for one less person to try to make a difference in this country. No one seems to want to grasp how dire the problems are in our nation and everyone seems to think that electing another politician will change things. Only we can change each other and then true change will take place.”

“Moving out of high-poverty areas may lower obesity risk” Why move? Change your neighborhood

“Should this country worry? You bet that we should be worried, “Full-time U.S. workers who have chronic health troubles or are overweight cost more than $153 billion in lost productivity each year from absenteeism, according to a Gallup-Healthways study released on Monday.”

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