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Day 8 Without My Beloved Toyota 4Runner

A week ago last night, the water pump on my fourteen year old Toyota 4Runner failed.  It is Day 8 but I am thankful that I made it home and parked in the driveway, which was a huge blessing.  Since 2003, the only things that the 4Runner has needed are brakes and two batteries.  It has been remarkably reliable and all that the girls and I want to do is to get it fixed.  It is the only vehicle that we’ve had since they were newborns and I brought them both home from the hospital in it.

We have made it through the last eight days walking a lot and occasionally being able to borrow a car to get groceries and go to church.  Next week, I won’t be able to do that, but I had a prompting that I would be able to run everywhere to get groceries and that we will be fine.  We will take each day at a time, but if you could say a prayer for strength and perseverance, we would appreciate it.

I know that many, many other people have struggles far greater than ours and I am very, very grateful that the Holy Spirit has given me a plan and the confidence that I can do it.  We only name our pets, but here she is if you want to pray for her swift “healing”.  She (the girls used to call everything “she”) is like part of the family!

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