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The $400K Typo – But It’s All Good!

A couple of nights ago, a tweet popped up on Twitter from Carl Daikeler, CEO of Team Beachbody, that said, “Andrea Horton makes over $400k a wk part time!” My first thought was, “Carl, you need to correct that” and my second thought was “must be Tony Horton’s (creater of P90X) sister”.   Carl corrected his typo a couple of tweets later and I didn’t give it another thought, except that a Team Beachbody Coach working part time was making $400.00 a week.

This morning, though, I saw a new Top Coach video and it is none other than Andrea Horton.   From the video, this is what I know:

Andrea is probably not Tony’s sister
She is not a founding Team Beachbody coach
She has a full time job and says that she works a “few hours” a week as a coach
She became a Team Beachbody Top Coach for Fall 2009 in 9 months

If you want some Fired Up Friday inspiration, click on the image and watch her Top Coach video and see how she ended up with an all expense paid trip to Hawaii!

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