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A Hard Lesson Learned: Little Inconsistencies Add Up

Being consistently committed to a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be hard. I follow a strict meal plan, exercise regularly and try to make the right choices most times when it comes to my health routine, especially living with hypoglycemia. Recently, I was reminded how crucial it is to keep on track after I experienced hypoglycemic symptoms from “cheating” just a little bit, and boy did I pay the price. It was an enormous cue to me that I don’t have a choice but to be super consistent and pay attention to my diet, fitness, and health routine.


It all started last week when I was busier than normal working on a huge home project with only a little allotted time.   I followed through with my regular meal plan eating 6 small meals/day with the right food combinations every 2-3 hours. I drank my Shakeology once a day and I exercised with TurboFire, only skipping two days. What did I do wrong? Well, little inconsistencies added up and made me very sick. Looking back now,   I realized my mistakes.   It all began by getting up super early to get my workout in for the day, which I did for several days in a row.   I was going to bed considerably later than normal too, so I wasn’t getting much sleep(mistake #1). I was more stressed than normal, so I needed to release my stress with exercise and I skipped two days(mistake #2). Because I was so busy, I didn’t have my regular water intake(mistake #3). One night, I decided to have some red wine, which occasionally, I enjoy a glass or two. Well, let’s just say they were two big glasses this time with a little dessert(big mistake #4). The next morning, I had a healthy breakfast around 8:00am and I had my snack about 10:30 am. After my snack, I was so tired that I decided to have a second cup of coffee with a sugared creamer, which I never do because caffeine and sugar can both affect my low blood sugar. That was mistake #5, and that was all it took!   I started a home project with my mother and noticed I still felt hungry and I had just eaten. Within an hour I couldn’t focus, I started feeling my heart palpitate, and I was sweating. I became anxious, nervous and was easily confused trying to figure out the project. After reading directions, I would forget what to do and had difficulty forming my thoughts and speaking. Then, I began to get dizzy with a headache and I told my mom I really didn’t feel good. She suggested I take out my glucometer(blood glucose meter) and test my sugars. This was only within an hour after I ate, so my blood sugar should have been at least 80-100. I couldn’t even load the glucometer correctly without help because my head was floating. My brain was obviously somewhere else, and by the time I tested my blood sugar, it was 49, which was extremely low!   I immediately drank some apple juice, with no sugar added, to increase my natural sugars. Then, I made sure to follow through with my appropriate lunch. I felt awful and it took several hours, and a dose of Shakeology, for me to get back to “normal”.


I know it’s hard to be committed to a healthy lifestyle and choose positive choices for many people. It takes a lot of dedication, planning and time for your exercise routine, meal plan, and more. Knowing how great it makes me feel keeps me going. The results are so worth the effort for me, and I’m hoping people will realize, it can be the same for them. Even though people may not have hypoglycemia like me, following good nutrition, effective exercise programs, and getting enough sleep can make an enormous impact on everyone’s life. Visualize yourself feeling more energized, happier, less stressed and overall healthier to get to your goal. I’m dedicated in guiding people to feel and look their best. I know everyone has the potential to achieve their health goals with all of Beachbody’s nutrition planning, variety of fitness programs and support from coaches, like me. This is a lifestyle, not a diet, that needs to be consistently followed, even on vacations and weekends. Be consistent and you will succeed! Contact me for help in getting started, and shop for a variety of fitness programs through my coach website, nutrition help with meal plans and more as a club member, or send me an email with your goals at

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