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How Do Team Beachbody Coaches Build Their Businesses?

I got an email this morning with that question in the subject line. Many more of you probably have the same question, so here is my email response:

Mike, for each person the journey is different.  For me, it is just being passionate about helping other people become fit, healthy and to improve their quality of life.  Just over two years ago when I joined as a coach, I didn’t know anything about what I would be doing for Beachbody, but I did know that I would be helping other people and that was all that I needed to know.  I knew Beachbody because I was an affiliate and I had banners on my website that promoted their workout DVD’s.  Since I knew that they had very effective products, I was more than willing to promote them as I had been doing and be part of a group of coaches who would be helping their customers to get healthier.

I had no idea that the coaching opportunity was network marketing, I didn’t know anything about network marketing, had never done it and had no ill feelings toward network marketing.  To this day, I am not a network marketer.  I simply love helping people to get fit and healthy and my original motivation for doing that was because I had my own health and fitness taken away after a car accident.  You can read my true story by going to this page on my website – About and Richard Dafter.

Mike, I don’t prospect, I preach the gospel of fitness and what it has done for me.  Period.  I’ve had significant challenges in my life and have overcome all of them.  The last two years have become a turning point in my life because I have found my true calling.  You can go to my Beachbody Coach site and read about what coaching means to me.

You can be a coach and make money and pay $14.95 a month to do so.  You can do it your way as the song goes.  You can also start a coaching business with two other people and as long as all three of you are active and passionate about coaching, the company will give you customers.  A few days ago, I passed 4,000 customers and that is a significant milestone.  I also have a team of 20 coaches and we all work together for the common good of changing people’s lives through health and fitness.

What approach you take is up to you.  It is as simple as that.  I can tell you with all honesty that I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t trade my life for anything.  In two years, I have been able to build a business which allows me to be a full time work at home dad and make a difference in our world.


Richard Dafter
Determined to Help You Improve Your Fitness and Improve Your Life!
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