Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

What’s In Your Game Plan?

Well, for two months, I didn’t have a game plan because life got in the way big time, but now I am back with regained health, a focus and a game plan for success.

Between now and next March, when we have a trip planned, I will use Shakeology The Workouts 50, three times a week for my strength training until mid September. That will also give me some extra energy that I can use to get my running mileage and the quality of my runs back up to where they were in June or better.

From mid September to mid December, I will do P90X as planned and maintain the same level of running and increase mileage by about 33% to get ready for the indoor track season here in Albuquerque. We have the fastest altitude indoor track in the country and the city schedules local, collegiate and national races to showcase our track.

In January, I will start ChaLEAN Extreme again to build on my strength and use that for the 2010 indoor season. Assuming that I can stick to my plan, I should be able to start out the new year well and then build on it for a great rest of 2010.

Do you have a game plan? If not, create one because it is an essential element of success and a way to focus your efforts and take the steps necessary to succeed with whatever your goal is for the future. It will also keep you accountable and you are more likely to stick to it!

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