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It’s About Leadership and Loyalty

I feel like my life went into a recession in July. The tipping point came when a relatively new filling fell out on June 25th. I had been training really well with a friend who was visiting from New Jersey and had also been able to take some time to visit fun places in New Mexico with him, his girlfriend and my wife, Christy. A quickly scheduled dentist’s appointment meant missing a day trip to Santa Fe the next day, but I had no idea that it would also be the start of a downward spiral in my health.

Now it is the end of the month and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In my absence, the leaders on my team continued to flourish. Those loyal to Beachbody continued to thrive. That is how it should be. If a pastor got sick, the church would continue and the congregation would continue to benefit from being members. If the coach of a winning softball team had a heart attack, as some seem to do, that wouldn’t mean they would stop trying to win the championship. Leaders step up and step in and that is what so many of you have done in my relative absence.

There is also the matter of loyalty and mine was tested yesterday. At lunchtime, I was finishing up some leftovers from a lunch that the girls and I had had and bit into something that shouldn’t be there. As a precaution, the store where I bought the food suggested that I go to the emergency room, which I did, and then spent the next 6 1/2 hours there. I won’t mention the store because I am loyal to it and will always shop there. So it is with Beachbody products. You may or may not know that I was chronically ill for over 20 years after a car accident. Beachbody workouts, the Beachbody coaching opportunity and Beachbody products have completely restored my health. No, they won’t keep me from getting sick from an abscessed root tip that a dentist unfortunately didn’t remove when he pulled a tooth 22 years ago, but I am willing to be that I didn’t get as sick as most people would given my blood work. I was still able to be a Dad, husband, work and work out, even though it was in a slightly diminished capacity.

The point is, I am loyal to Beachbody. Even when a good friend wanted me to try another product, which I did, I wasn’t tempted to take it any more than as a trial or promote it or sell it. I know that I take excellent Beachbody products because I’ve been told by my trusted health professional that they are excellent and high quality. I remain loyal because I have reason to be loyal to Beachbody.

If you aren’t using Beachbody products or experiencing the Beachbody opportunity to the fullest, then you probably are less likely to be loyal like I am. If you aren’t ready to be a leader, when your coach is distracted or otherwise unavailable, then your business will falter. Leadership and loyalty builds leadership and loyalty. My teammates carried on in the face of my adversity and you need to build a team that will do the same. The foundation of your business is everything, but as Henry David Thoreau says, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Start building the foundations under your dreams now, for those just in case times in your life like I just experienced.

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