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Is Team Beachbody A Scam?

Funny moneyIs Team Beachbody A Scam?   This is a great question.   The world is so saturated with weight loss products, programs and advice.   Deep down you know much of it is total garbage but how can you sort the good stuff out from the scams?

Legit Vs. Scam

A good question to ask yourself when evaluating  a product is “Does this sound too good to be true?”   If it does, you know the rule, it probably is.

There are weight loss pills out there that guarantee you will lose weight while you take the regime of pills.   What the marketers fail to tell you about is what happens to your body as a result of taking the pills and what happens when you go off them?

Guess what, the weight comes on and then some.   Why?

Because the customer did not change their lifestyle.   They took the pills and continued to eat crap and ignore the part of the weight loss equation that includes exercise.

So when the effects of the pill are removed, the customers “normal” lifestyle puts the weight back on.

So How Does Team Beachbody Fit In?

Beachbody is all about making a lifestyle change.   The purpose of Beachbody coaches is to help customers build fitness into their lifestyle.   Instead of magic pills, Beachbody offers a wide range of workout DVD’s geared at different fitness levels.   Plus each workout program comes with dietary suggestions to give the customer an idea of what a good diet looks like.

When the workout program wraps up, the customer should have establish a regular routine of working out.   They should be able to maintain their weight or continue their weight loss because they have learned a new “normal” that is healthier than before.

Beachbody sells fitness DVD’s.   There is nothing magical about them.   If you do the routine, you will get into better shape.   It’s pretty straightforward.   The workouts are known to be among the best work-at-home programs in the world so that makes them more attractive than the DVD’s you can buy at Target.

But in the end, you are buying a proven workout routine not a sketchy pill or questionable diet program.

What About the Team Beachbody Opportunity?

Ok, so Beachbody products are legit, but what about the Beachbody business opportunity – is that a scam?

Can you make money as a Beachbody coach?

Well the answer to this is up to you.   Yes there are thousands of coaches making good money as Beachbody coaches but whether or not you will be one of them is up to you.

Beachbody makes no big promises about how wealthy you will get as a coach.   If you are looking to “get rich quick,” then Beachbody is not for you.

The business opportunity is about reaching out to people who want to get in better shape.   There is no shortage of overweight people in this country so the market opportunity is there.

However, you are in control of whether or not you make money.   If you do nothing – then you earn nothing.   It’s pretty simple.

If you follow the Game Plan offered to all coaches as part of the Beachbody Coach   training, you will most likely make money.   How much is up to how much effort you put in.

Beachbody offers you great products and gives you a truck load of training and tools to promote your business.   Your success depends on you.

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