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Fitness with Diana Day 1 in Insanity: The ASYLUM

I anxiously awoke at 5am this morning to start my 1st day of Insanity: The ASYLUM to realize there is also a performance test to take before beginning the program. The Performance test goes through 10 different activities that you can compare every 30 days. Undeterred I decided to go ahead and do both the Athletic Performance Test as well as day 1 Speed & Agility.

I was surprised at how different, so far, this program is from Insanity. It’s not all about plyometrics so I figured it should be easier on me than Insanity (high jumping is not my forte). Not at all! Don’t get me wrong, there is still plyo involved, but Asylum is created to work you at an entirely different level. Shaun T says it’s like you’re an athlete in training…and he’s not kidding. I’ve always considered myself a coordinated person but this morning’s workout proved me very wrong. I had to keep fixing my agility ladder and kept tripping over my own feet.

I was already dripping in sweat by the time I finished the Performance Test, so I was a mess after Speed & Agility. It is an amazing program and I look forward to bringing my best in every workout. And one goal is by the end of the program to not have to fix the ladder at all.

Remember…”Dig Deep”!

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