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Insanity Fit Test 2 Results

This morning marked Day 15 of Insanity for my husband and me. Day 15 means another Fit Test! I was really excited to see if I had made any improvements from the first Fit Test.

So down to the basement we went at an early morning hour.   I’ll tell you, early morning workouts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is nice to have your workout done! And did you know that if you workout first thing in the morning (before breakfast) helps you burn more fat during cardio based workouts. And some studies suggest that you continue to burn even more calories through out the day compared to those who workout after breakfast.

Well, back to the Fit Test. When you do the Fit Test, you get a pretty good workout.   But today I decided to add in the first round of P90X Shoulders & Arms, as well as some Ab Ripper X.

Here are my results from Fit Test 1:

Switch Kicks 100 (or 50 each leg)

Power Jacks 58
Power Knees 100
Power Jumps 44
Globe Jumps 8
Suicide Jumps 14
Push-up Jacks 29
Low Plank Oblique 40

And here are results from Fit Test 2 (today):

Switch Kicks  124 (or  62 each leg)

Power Jacks  55 (what happened here?? 3 less than last week)
Power Knees 116
Power Jumps 42 (hey! 2 less than last week!!)
Globe Jumps  13
Suicide Jumps 15
Push-up Jacks 29
Low Plank Oblique  46 (or 92 each knee)

So I  improved in some, stayed the same in one and  for some reason dropped in 2.   I may have been focusing on better form this time around (I hope so…)

Well on to the official start of Week 3 of Insanity!  Will post  Fit Test 3 in a couple of weeks.

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