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Focus T25 + B25 Super Block

The Focus T25 + B25 May 2023 Super Blocks from Shaun T are ready to unlock with your qualifying BODi nutrition subscription. To learn how you can earn your May BODi Super Block, click here. You can also purchase it for $29.00 by clicking here.

Focus T25 + B25 Super Block

BODi Members can unlock the FOCUS T25 + B25 Super Blocks, and get their first taste of our newest Super Blocks with the FOCUS T25 Sample Workout—available now on BODi!

With the FOCUS T25 + B25 Super Blocks, Shaun is bringing back everything you and your customers loved about the original program, including his effective 25-minute workout formats, but this time with new moves, new music, and Shaun T’s iconic personality—all set in our block periodization format that works—3 weeks, 5 days a week! What more could you ask for?

Wait—what is B25 you ask? When you unlock the FOCUS T25 Super Block, you’ll also unlock the B25 Super Block, Shaun T’s motivational and empowering new Bike Super Block. Shaun T on the BODi bike? Yup, you best believe it! And not just one Shaun T Super Block, we’ve got two! Yes… we’re screaming with excitement just like you are reading this.

PSST—don’t forget to check out the FOCUS T25 + B25 Super Block Sample Workout. You’ll want to experience it on the BODi Platform as Shaun T’s playlist delivers, but if you or a member or a future prospect don’t have BODi yet—a no-music version is also available on Vimeo*.

*Please note, given music licensing limitations, we are unable to provide the Sample Workout with music at this time on Vimeo. In addition, there will NOT be a Sample Workout for B25, but BODi offers a handful of cycling workouts that you can try prior to starting the B25 Super Block.

Click HERE to purchase!

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